What Is The Best Way Of Maintaining The Tineco Vacuum iFloor 3?

What Is The Best Way Of Maintaining The Tineco Vacuum iFloor 3?

The Tineco vacuum iFloor 3 is an excellent floor cleaning and vacuuming invention. It ensures that you get to save time while cleaning. The tineco ifloor 3 ensures that your floors dry up immediately. Furthermore, it does not leave any streaks. Thus, it ensures cleaning is perfect. The best thing about the vacuum is that you can use it on; linoleum floors, marble floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, tile floors, and hardwood floors. The vacuum machine is like any other device. It means that maintenance is essential. Below is a simple guide of how to maintain the vacuum;

1. Remove the Tineco vacuum iFloor 3 dirty water tank

The first step to vacuum maintenance is crucial. You need to release any debris and dirty water present in the water tank. Pouring out the water ensures that you can clean the tank. A clean tank is necessary for other cleaning sessions. The Tineco vacuum iFloor 3 usually comes with a set of cleaning tools. Therefore, use the tools to wash the inside of the tank. Also, make sure to rinse the tank with very clean water. If you do not clean out the tank, you may accumulate debris in it.

2. The Tineco vacuum iFloor 3 brush’s self-cleaning mode

The vacuum has the latest technology. Therefore, it allows the brush roll to self-clean. But, for the self-clean to begin, ensure that you have 1/3 water full tank. Press the switch button for 2 to 3 seconds. After switching the button, the vacuum will start to self-clean. The self-clean will take 30 to 40 seconds. Once the cleaning is complete, ensure to switch it off. Then remove the roll cover for rinsing with clean water.

3. Clean the Tineco vacuum iFloor 3 roller brush

The roller brush is one of the essential elements of your vacuum. It plays a crucial role in the cleaning process. Therefore, the pet’s hair, sticky materials, or even strings may wrap around it. If you do not remove the stuck substances, your roller may have reduced agitation. Furthermore, they may cause the vacuum to stop working effectively; thus, damaging it. A damaged brush will require you to buy a replacement part. Constant buying of replacement parts can be costly. Therefore, ensure to clean the roller brush every time after use.

4. Air dry

Once you have cleaned the brush roll, ensure to air dry it. The purpose of air-drying the brush roll is to ensure that you have not left any water on the roll. Furthermore, air drying will ensure that your vacuum will be ready for the next vacuuming session.

5. Re-installation process

Once everything is completely dry, you can reinstall all the uninstalled parts. During the re-installation process, ensure that everything is where it is supposed to be. Furthermore, reinstalling will ensure that your vacuum can start cleaning immediately.

6. Charge the battery

One of the maintenance processes should involve battery charging. The vacuum cannot operate without charging. Therefore, before use, make sure that the battery has charged properly. If it is not well charged, you cannot complete your task quickly.


The Tineco vacuum iFloor 3 is an excellent dry vacuum. The cordless feature of the vacuum ensures that it can wash and vacuum floors simultaneously, thus saving you effort and time. The critical point is that the vacuum requires maintenance to operate optimally.